High-Quality Window Cleaning for Pierce and South King County

window-cleaning-seattle-waAt Window Cleaning we take pride in the window cleaning services that we offer to our customers in the Seattle, WA area. We also offer great deals for the residents of Pierce and South King County for whom our window cleaners are trained to carry out these services efficiently.

Window cleaning services includes buffing all the edges of the windows, top and bottom, removing window screens and cleaning them.

  • Our window cleaners clean whichever side of the window you prefer
  • Glass gleam 4 is one of the solutions we use to perform our window cleaning services
  • Removing the screens and cleaning them does not come at an extra cost
  • Window cleaners use crystal clear 550 to remove stains caused by hard water

Experienced Window Cleaner for residential Property

window-cleaner-seattle-waOur window cleaners are trained to respect your property and will take the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of your valuables. Before entering your home to perform window cleaning services, the window cleaners will either wear boot covers or take off their shoes to prevent causing a mess.

We recommend that our customers remove any items of value from the windows and let us know beforehand of any defects the windows may have, so as not to hinder our window cleaning services.

  • Window cleaners clean the tracks of the windows for an additional cost
  • During our window cleaning services we remove stickers and paint smears
  • To prevent streaks we use new rubber blades for every individual job
  • Our ladders have stabilizers to prevent damage to your shingles

Window Cleaning Services and a Whole Lot More

window-cleaning-services-seattle-waThe service that we offer at Window Cleaning extends to more than just providing window cleaning services as a means to facilitate our valuable customers. Our window cleaners are capable of completing a variety of tasks, from removing hard water stains in the shower to cleaning your skyline.

Our window cleaning services also include cleaning your gutters, decks, patios and even your driveway.

  • Our window cleaners use an array of ladders to reach various heights
  • Our window cleaning services include a variety of tasks
  • For an extra $5.00 per mirror, our window cleaners will clean your mirrors for you
  • We also offer services to clean your roof and vinyl sidings
  • We also install lights for the holidays and take them down when the holiday concludes