Window Cleaners That Go Above and Beyond

window-cleaners-seattle-waCleaning windows and gutters can be a tough job especially when the people doing it are not as well trained as our staff here at Window Cleaning. Our window cleaners do more for you than just clean your windows, we use pressure washing to clean patios, outside furniture and decks.

Gutter cleaning is just one of the many services that our window cleaners provide for our customers in the Seattle, WA area, and this service is sometimes done by hand or by pressure washing depending on the amount of debris that's in the gutter.

  • Window cleaners use a new squeegee rubber blade to avoid leaving streaks on the windows
  • Window cleaners use a cleaning solution that removes paint and tape residue from windows
  • Window cleaners remove the screens of the windows and clean them for no extra charge
  • Pressure washing and gutter cleaning are just some of the many services we offer

Gutter Cleaning and Roof Cleaning for Pierce and South King County

gutter-cleaning-seattle-waThe growth of algae and moss can be a major factor in the longevity of your roof and we at Window Cleaning understand your concerns, and have equipped ourselves with the proper gutter cleaning tools to serve you.

First our window cleaners use roof wash to eliminate the moss, then we use the pressure washing system for gutter cleaning so that the residue is properly channeled into a container for disposal. Our gutter cleaning services play an important role for customers in the Pierce and South County region who require roof cleaning to be done.

  • Gutter cleaning should be done before roof cleaning begins
  • Roof wash is made from hydrogen peroxide
  • Gutter zap is the gutter cleaning solution that we use to restore the whiteness of gutters
  • Pressure washing is an effective way to clean you roof

Pressure Washing Services-Sidewalks, Driveways and Patios

pressure-washing-seattle-waBesides gutter cleaning, our window cleaners offer pressure washing to our customers to enhance the overall look of their homes making them more attractive. Windows cleaners use the pressure washing system to clean patios, driveways, even sidewalks, and it's also used for gutter cleaning.

Our window cleaners use pressure washing as an effective means of washing the debris off a variety of surfaces in order to maintain cleanliness and beautification.

  • Our window cleaners strive to give you the best pressure washing service
  • We offer several types of services to help beautify your home
  • We strive to make our service efficient and noticeable